AME Site Inspection at Roy Hill

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AME complete Roy Hill site inspection and audit with Samsung C&T

A team of Classified Plant Inspectors and a Lifting Equipment Engineer have just returned from inspecting a large number of plant items at the Roy Hill mine in the Pilbara as a part of a new partnership with Samsung C&T confirmed in January 2015.Roy Hill

AME inspectors assessed certain plant and equipment to ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations, particularly equipment involved in high-risk activities such as cranes. Australian Standards lifting equipment inspections were carried out by experienced personnel.

AME’s Managing Director and Chartered Professional Engineer Trevor Hughes identified these high-risk items of plant as particularly important in requiring regular inspection in accordance with applicable legislation and standards.

“High risk plant and equipment should be inspected by all personnel before they are used, and regularly inspected by the experts to ensure safety of all samsung CTmine personnel and equipment.” says Trevor.

The massive new Roy Hill mine is currently in construction phase managed by engineering, procurement and construction contractor Samsung C&T, and when finished the processing plant, rail and port facilities will produce 55 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of Hematite direct ship ore (DSO) as Lump and Fines.

AME will assist Samsung C&T with the management of high risk plant and equipment inspections on site for the duration of the construction period to ensure inspection, testing, refurbishment and if necessary, replacement, of all classified plant on site.

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