Registerable Plant Registration and Inspection Requirements

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Registerable Plant Inspection and Registration Requirements

What Registration and Inspection Rules Apply to Registerable Plant?

If you own Registerable Plant it’s imperative to understand your registration and inspection requirements.

Under WA’s new Work Health and Safety Act 2020 and the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations 2022, which came into effect on 31 March 2022, the term “Classified Plant” has been replaced with “Registerable Plant”.

The new WHS Act and accompanying regulations combine WHS for general industry, mines and petroleum and geothermal operations under a single Act, replacing the previously applicable Mines Safety & Inspection Act 1994 and the associated Mines Safety & Inspections Regulations 1995.

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The Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations state that Registerable Plant has to be registered with the DMP and it has to be inspected by a 3rd party on a regular basis.

Neglecting applicable regulations and statutory law can not only lead to hefty fines, but more importantly, it could result in injury and death of employees and contractors.

Since not all Registerable Plant is equal, the registration and inspection rules can vary. Therefore, we have created a handy Registration and Inspection guide for all Registerable Plant.

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Registration and Inspection Requirements

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Bridge and Gantry Cranes

Elevating Work Platforms (EWP)

Passenger and Goods Lifts

Mobile Cranes


Pressure Vessels

Vehicle Loading Cranes

Work Boxes

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Download our Guide for Registerable Plant Registration and Inspection Requirements

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