Plant & Equipment Audits

Asset Management auditing services to solve your plant and equipment problems

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What we do

At AME, our asset management audit and plant inspection services are the core of our business. Clients approach us to utilise our engineering and maintenance expertise to solve their plant and equipment problems. We conduct investigations into plant and equipment safety, equipment condition, accident investigations including root cause analysis and equipment failures. Our team of inspectors conduct initial on-site plant and equipment and audits, and also offer objective investigation services where necessary to minimise risk, reduce cost and keep your sites running smoothly.

Asset Audit Services

Equipment Condition Audits

From SAG mills to gearboxes, overland conveyors to diesel motors, we provide thorough equipment condition reports, including repair scopes of work to iron out any issues.

Our approach begins at Inspection, where we inspect the physical conditions of the equipment, particularly the associated mechanical and electrical items.

Next is Reporting, where we produce a full engineering condition report, complete with photographs, whilst identifying any items that require repair and/or refurbishment.

Lastly, is Scope of Work. Our recommendations target suitable methods of cost reduction, encompassing repairing, operating, installation, supply chain, parts management and maintenance practices.

Accident Investigations

Fires, impact damage and catastrophic incidents need to be investigated without malice, detached from the influences that may have led to them. AME has extensive experience investigating accidents for insurance claims and legal requirements. We consider issues such as:

- Whether the property is economically repairable or needs to be replaced.

- If repairable, we work with the repairer to determine the cost to reinstate the equipment to a condition equal or better than it was before the incident.

- If not repairable, we determine the cost of the replacement, including a salvage value for the damage or wrecked item.

- For insurance purposes, we can determine the market value of the equipment just before the accident damage.

Failure Analysis

Many clients require us as a formal third-party investigator of major equipment failures. In these events, we conduct a full engineering analysts and review of the failure causes (Inspection). Where necessary, we use experts for specialist requirements, such as metal fatigue analysis and high-stress situation design calculations.

You’ll receive a thorough report of the identified failure causes (Reporting), along with our recommendations to address the problems and improve equipment reliability.

Safety Audits

We have comprehensive equipment safety auditing tools and documentation systems that help you to identify opportunities to improve site safety performance. Through our Hazard Identification System, we identify hazards and their consequences, to then develop risk mitigation strategies suited to the particular situation.

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