Asset Maintenance Strategy

Highlighting maintenance issues to save you money

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Asset Maintenance Strategies You Can Rely On

Using an objective maintenance systems auditing tool, we work with our clients to highlight their key maintenance issues that are significant contributors to poor maintenance performance. Where poor maintenance thrives, as does high maintenance costs, unreliable plant and equipment, and poor availability. 

Having completed numerous maintenance audits since 2004, we are leaders in the field and work closely with you to ensure issues are stamped out as quickly as they appear. 

Some of the key maintenance issues we find include:

  • Lack of maintenance direction
  • Lack of detailed planning
  • Lack of meaningful reports
  • Lack of formal maintenance business processes and procedures
  • Lack of clear position descriptions that support the business process
  • Lack of maintenance KPI’s (you can’t control what you don’t measure)
  • Poorly set up maintenance system

Key Maintenance Audit Steps

Identify the issues

You can’t commence change without knowing what that change should be. Our objective spider audit assessment helps you to identify what needs work.

Deliver Directional Focus

AME deliver a concise and informative report outlining key issues that are prioritised, together with recommendations that may improve the performance of your maintenance business.

Provide a Program for Change

Beginning with high return areas, we provide you with a reliability centred maintenance program to follow to help implement and monitor improvement straight away.

Strategy Improvement Process

Initial Site Audit

For us to ascertain where your company is, in relation to the core maintenance business processes (such as work requests, planning and scheduling, work execution etc.) and to identify strengths and weaknesses on site.

Maintenance Improvement Program

A presentation collating the strengths and weaknesses is prepared, detailing the findings of the site audit and what actions can be taken to improve maintenance performance on site.

Implementation of Improvement Plan

Following the approval of the Maintenance Improvement Program, a maintenance business process owner needs to be appointed, who is then responsible for ensuring any maintenance changes are implemented. Meetings are arranged every three months, and ongoing mentoring and support is provided between reviews to ensure all actions are being taken to make the necessary changes.

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