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What does "Registerable Plant" mean?

Under WA’s new Work Health and Safety Act 2020 and the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations 2022, which came into effect on 31 March 2022, the term “Classified Plant” has been replaced with “Registerable Plant”. The new WHS Act and accompanying regulations combine WHS for general industry, mines and petroleum and geothermal operations under a single Act, replacing the previously applicable Mines Safety & Inspection Act 1994 and the associated Mines Safety & Inspections Regulations 1995.

Registerable Plant is defined as any boiler, crane, hoist, lift or pressure vessel. This includes fixed and itinerant plant-like elevating work platforms (EWP), pressure vessels, bridge and gantry cranes, mobile cranes, lifts and hoists, vehicle hoists, monorails, mancages, and boilers.

Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations state that you must register with the Department of Mining and Petroleum Resources Safety all Registerable Plant.

What's New in the Registerable Plant Training?

In addition to the existing modules (listed further below), we will now also address and cover changes regarding the new WHS Update.

Here are a few examples of new topics:

  • Changes to classified plant requirements under schedule 5 of the WHS Mines Regs 2022 including the new exemptions to registration.
  • The transition periods for plant registration either on or before commencement day.
  • The new requirement for both design and plant registration in the mining sector.
  • New definitions for what constitute a competent person.
  • Who is allowed to conduct major inspections for mobile cranes?
  • Section 5.2 The registration of plant.

To see the full list of WHS updates discussed in the course, please click below to access our Training Course Brochure.

Registerable Plant Awareness Training Content

The Registerable Plant Awareness Training is our most popular training, covering the regulations and statutory expectations pertaining to a large range of Plant and Equipment. Registerable Plant Training sessions include training manual, morning and afternoon tea and lunch on both days.

  • AME-CP-000 Level 3 – Introduction to Registerable Plant (Advanced)
  • AME CP-001 Pressure Vessel Inspection (incl. PRV’s)
  • AME CP-002 Cranes and Monorails
  • AME CP-003 EWP’s and Hoists
  • AME CP-005 Mobile Cranes and Itinerant Plant
  • AME CP-004 Mancages and Work Boxes

Where is the Training Course Held?

Across the year, Registerable Plant Training is held in Belmont and Kalgoorlie. Organisations can also book site-specific training at their location.

Who Delivers the AME’s Registerable Plant Awareness Course?

Our training courses are delivered by people with extensive knowledge of the new Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations as well as in-depth experience in the mining and resources industries in Australia.

Your lecturers have years of experience in maintenance management, project engineering and planning gained in underground and open-cut mining. We are also considered industry experts in the processing, manufacturing and chemical industries.

Some of our lecturers have been responsible for training Department of Mining and Petroleum Inspectors in Registerable Plant as well as thousands of personnel holding various positions and roles across site management and safety.

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