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What is Eddy Current Testing?

Eddy Current Testing (ECT) is one of the most effective and efficient methods amongst many NDT testing techniques. It uses electromagnetic induction to identify and analyse surface and sub-surface flaws in conductive materials.

Changes in the eddy current are interpreted by the testing equipment to identify surface cracking and surface planar discontinuities, mainly in ferritic materials (weld materials, heat-affected zones and parent materials).

eddy current testing

Eddy Current Testing offers a perfectly reliable and economical inspection technique, which is faster and more cost effective than other NDT services available. In most cases, it is not required to remove the paint, unlike Mag Particle Testing (MPT).

Applications and Use of Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

The Eddy Current Testing technique can be applied to coated and uncoated objects during fabrication, repairs, maintenance and in-service work applications.

In Service plant and equipment such as cranes, monorails, and hoists along with Excavators and Booms, for example, are coated or painted with protective coating for corrosion resistance. Most of this equipment requires Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to detect any fatigue cracks or discontinuities. Eddy Current Testing can be applied as a replacement for the standard Magnetic Particle (MT) and Dye Penetrant (DT) testing. Both MT and DT methods require the removal of the painted or protective coated materials to obtain accurate results. Without the need to remove these coatings Eddy Current Testing saves on cost through the reduction of labour, preparation and materials.

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Advantages of Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

  • Effective detection of fatigue cracks, discontinuities, corrosion, erosion and wall-thinning.
  • Testing can be conducted on multi-layer structures such as ferritic materials with protective coating.
  • No interference from planar surfaces.
  • Testing can be carried out during fabrication, repairs, maintenance and in-service work applications.
  • Fast on-site testing with sophisticated portable ECT equipment that requires minimal setup time.
  • More cost effective than standard Magnetic Particle (MT) and Dye Penetrant (DT) testing.
  • Reliable testing results and accurate flaw detection.

AME Eddy Current Testing Services

We are one of the only local providers in the Goldfields area offering Eddy Current Testing (ECT). Our NDT technicians undergo extensive training and we use the latest state-of-the-art testing equipment along with advanced software that ensures reliable data quality.

Eddy Current Testing (ECT)

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