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The Importance of Conducting Storage Tank Inspections

Compromised or deteriorating tanks can result in severe consequences, including environmental pollution, fires, or even explosions. Such incidents can lead to substantial financial losses for your organisation, in addition to posing risks to the environment and human life.

Corrosion is the leading cause of tank failure and can be triggered by a variety of internal or external factors. If detected early, its progression can be managed or even predicted. Additionally, cracks—whether originating from manufacturing defects or in-service conditions — are another significant concern, as they can lead to catastrophic failure.

To mitigate the risks associated with tank failures, it’s imperative for owners and operators to implement robust tank management and inspection programs. AME’s inspection services provide a proactive approach to averting disasters by ensuring your storage tanks are in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Without specialised assistance, our clients often struggle with long-term asset management, which is crucial for extending the lifespan and performance of their storage tanks.

Storage Tank Inspection Services for Optimal Safety and Compliance

As a premier provider of inspection services, we offer you dependable, independent evaluations that prioritise the safety and integrity of your storage tanks. Our API-certified inspectors are experts in their field, utilising cutting-edge technology and equipment to conduct thorough examinations.

Our team employs a variety of non-destructive testing techniques in addition to routine visual inspections. This multi-faceted approach ensures a comprehensive assessment of each component of your storage tanks. The result is a detailed insight into the current state of each tank, accompanied by targeted recommendations for improvements.

Tank Inspections

AME Tank Inspection & Management Process

At Asset Management Engineers (AME), we have a comprehensive tank inspection and management process designed to thoroughly assess the condition of your storage tanks and provide actionable recommendations for improvement.

We start by evaluating damage mechanisms to understand the wear-and-tear and other factors that could lead to potential tank failure.

Armed with this information, we develop a targeted inspection methodology that best suits the identified risks.

In the next phase, we carry out online inspections, utilising a range of advanced, non-destructive testing techniques and cutting-edge technology. These inspections not only ensure that we can evaluate the condition of your tanks without causing any disruption to your operations but also allow us to rank and determine priority among them. For instance, if 20 tanks are inspected, we will systematically rank them based on their condition, aiding you in taking informed decisions for maintenance or further inspection.

Upon completion of online inspections, we generate detailed inspection reports that capture all findings, including potential weak points or damages.

These reports are then rigorously analysed to identify priorities for further investigation.

A second layer of the process, beyond just non-destructive testing (NDT) which merely provides results, is a comprehensive inspection. Known as offline inspections, these are conducted based on the prioritisation established in the earlier phase. This rigorous inspection not only evaluates the components that might require immediate attention but also offers recommendations. These recommendations can be for repair, continued use of the asset, or to ensure they meet the standards of Fitness for Service (FFS).

Another comprehensive report is generated post these offline inspections.

If repairs are carried out based on the inspection findings, a post-repair inspection is conducted to ensure the efficacy of the remedial actions taken.

Only when all inspections and any necessary repairs are successfully completed does the tank return to service, ensuring optimal safety and performance.

By employing this systematic and multi-faceted approach, AME aims to provide you with the highest levels of safety and reliability, extending the life of your assets while minimising risks.

Types of Storage Tanks Subject to Our Inspection Services

Storage tanks serve as critical assets for businesses that need to store large volumes of materials, ranging from organic and inorganic liquids to vapours that are unsuitable for open-air storage.

At AME, we bring extensive experience to the table in inspecting a diverse array of storage tanks. Our expertise spans multiple industries, including mining, chemical processing, petrochemicals, refineries, the food and beverage sector, water utilities, the military and many more. We offer exhaustive inspection services for Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST). However, for Underground Storage Tanks (UST), we conduct inspections only if they are accessible and can be entered. Whether you have atmospheric or pressurised storage tanks, our seasoned team is equipped to provide specialised assessments to meet your specific needs.

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