Introducing OLI and your new Classified Plant Management System

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They say good things come to those who wait. Now, the wait is over for launch of AME’s new Classified Plant Management System (CPMS), and it’s definitely a good thing! Over the last 18 months, we’ve been working hard to upgrade the system to offer an even more streamlined and easily accessible solution. Think: an easy-to-use, single point portal for all documentation, reports, photos, registers and plant records*, available 24/7 from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Pretty neat, right?

Why now?

Well, our old CPMS was developed nearly 10 years ago using an old programming language that is no longer supported. Technology has moved us forward in almost every area of life, and this upgrade helps us to keep pace with the changing world.

Introducing OLI

That’s short for “OnLine Inspections.” AME now allows inspections to be recorded using a tablet device instead of the conventional paper based system. One key benefit of the online inspection system is that the asset register is automatically updated at the time of the inspection. Inspectors input data while on site, which becomes available after due diligence verification at the AME head office.

This new tool is particularly useful as many documents are required by law for certain types of plant and can be requested by government inspectors at any time.

Automatically updating the asset register eliminates the possibility of data entry errors by manually updating the register.

OLI & CPMS allow for access to available information whenever required* and the asset register screen allows you to search your register in many different ways, save your preferred register format and export it to Excel.

Plus, it allows you to identify upcoming inspections next week or next year, a list of non compliances and any overdue inspections. So, ensuring you stay compliant? No worries!

When to migrate to OLI & CPMS 2.0

The great news is: all existing data in the old CPMS has been migrated to our new system. To access your data, please contact AME for instructions and login details.

To enquire about our new OnLine Inspection (OLI) and Classified Plant Management System (CPMS) please call our office on (08) 9466 7444 or fill in an online contact form and one of our dedicated team members will be in touch.

*Subject to your data being supplied to AME and uploaded into the CPMS.

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