MSB No. 175: Integrity of equaliser cables on vehicle hoist

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The Department has received numerous reports of failed and damaged equaliser cables on vehicle hoists, including those types with two or four posts.

The equaliser cables are typically made using steel wire rope and are used to keep the hoist level during raising and lowering. Over time, equaliser cables can stretch, fray, corrode, crack or break and therefore should be regarded as a wearing component.

Inspection and testing on equaliser cables should be carried out by competent persons, such as the appointed classified plant inspector.
An understanding of the specific vehicle hoist requirements is imperative, especially when inspecting these in situ as cables pass around sheaves and behind guards and guides, limiting visibility.

Vehicle hoists are registrable classified plant and are subject to periodic statutory inspections.

PDF report available here

Contact AME for classified plant management inspections in Western Australia.