Maintenance Manpower Review – More for Less

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Rameseys screen“More for Less” How often have you heard this, particularly in Maintenance circles? In the current economic climate everybody wants to achieve more for less cost.

AME have a client who was given additional fixed plant maintenance responsibilities but were told they cannot have any additional labour to complete the extra work?

AME was engaged to complete a Maintenance Manpower review to determine the optimum crew size and whether this client could maintain the additional plant and equipment without additional resources.

The process for a manpower review is a simple process, however the data collection and analysis is often time consuming and laborious.

Basically the methodology is to

Determine the Total Manhours required by Trade Type
for all known work for the next 12 months
Effective Maintenance Tool Time per Person
Required Crew Size

To simplify the data collection and analysis AME used a third party software package called Ramesys Maintenance Budgeting, Reporting and Analytics System (MBRS). By importing Codes, Plant and Equipment and PM Tasks and Templates from their CMMS into Ramesys, we were able to reduce the analysis time down from weeks to days.

By using the Ramesys MBRS we were able to complete a sensitivity analysis and identify the optimum crew size, and the additional benefit is we identified several opportunities for improvement in the set-up of our clients CMMS.

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Maintenance Budgeting and Optimization

We have all used preventive maintenance software that manages plant, tasks and work orders that schedules and prints work orders for the maintenance team and records associated costs.

But add to this Ramesys Global’s “Maintenance Budgeting, Reporting and Analytics System” (MBRS) and you have a powerful tool set to strategically plan and optimise your maintenance and resources.

The maintenance budgeting system does not replace the maintenance scheduling software but integrates with it, providing full visibility across all plant items, tasks, work orders and resource requirements, delivering an accurate zero based budget that will stand up to management scrutiny and challenge.

It also gives the visibility to strategically plan and optimise maintenance activities for a month, year or full life of mine giving management the ability to create efficiencies and deliver significant cost savings. One can quickly and easily create multiple maintenance what-if/scenario models with varying assumptions that immediately show you resource and cost impacts of changing inputs.

Ramesys Maintenance Budgeting software drives continuous cost improvement by displaying the variances of actual costs incurred against the planned cost budget, right down to the item, task and work order level.

Ultimately RAMESYS delivers maintenance efficiencies and cost reductions… or more simply put,

More for Less!

If you would like to know more about Ramesys Maintenance software, then we will be happy to discuss it with you in person.