Introductory Awareness to the WHS Act and WHS Mines Regulations

A new half-day course outlining the changes pertaining to new WHS Act & WHS Mines Regulations

Course Overview

A half day course (4 hours) focusing on the changes between the old regulations and the new regulations for plant registration, mine management systems, and mine site management structure.

Following the introduction of the new WHS laws and regulations “Classified Plant” is now called “Registerable Plant.” AME have been fielding a number of enquiries based around the implementation of the new regulations and what site requirements that they may change.

If you own Registerable Plant, it is imperative to understand your registration requirements for existing plant plus the implementation of a Mine Safety Management System. The aim of our industry leading training course is to give you a fundamental understanding of regulatory changes from the MSIR 1995 to the WHS Mines Regulations 2022 and how this may effect the management structure, WHS duties, Hazard or risk mitigation and the management of registerable plant (plant registration) on a mine site moving forward into the future.

Course Content

  • An overview of the WHS Act 2020 including definitions and key terms.
  • The introduction of industrial manslaughter laws.
  • The transitional arrangements for plant (item) registration.
  • Key terms and changes to the WHS Mines Regulations 2022.
  • Understanding the term “Classified Plant” has been replaced with “Registerable Plant”
  • Schedule 5 Items of plant to be registered.
  • The transitional arrangements for plant (item) registration.
  • Section 5.2 Items of Plant to be Registered.
  • Changes to the Mine Management Structure, Mine Operators, Senior Site Executives and Statutory Supervisors.
  • The implementation (if required), maintenance, review, audit, and continuous improvement of the Mine Safety Management System.
  • There are no section 44 appointed person requirements in the new regs.

Course Location & Duration

  • Can be conducted onsite or in Perth.
  • If required onsite a morning and afternoon session can be facilitated for workforce flexibility.
  • 4 Hours with no assessment requirements.

Course Facilitation

Our training courses are delivered by people with extensive knowledge of the new Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations as well as in-depth experience in the mining and resources industries in Australia.
Your lecturers have years of experience in maintenance management, project engineering and planning gained in underground and open-cut mining. We are also considered industry experts in the processing, manufacturing and chemical industries.

Some of our lecturers have been responsible for training Department of Mining and Petroleum Inspectors in Registerable Plant as well as thousands of personnel holding various positions and roles across site management and safety.

Proof of Vaccination Requirement

PLEASE NOTE proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required to attend our courses.

These are the easiest ways to show proof of your vaccinations:

  • Through the ServiceWA app, the WA Government’s secure mobile application to show proof of your COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Your COVID-19 digital certificate with an acceptable form of ID.
  • Your immunisation history statement along with an acceptable form of ID.

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