Bridge and Gantry Crane Registration and Inspection Requirements

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Bridge Crane Registration and Inspection Requirements

What is a Bridge Crane?

Bridge cranes comprise of a hoist system that is suspended from a trolley that moves generally on rails along one or two horizontal beams, called the bridge, that are supported at both ends on carriages. The bridge itself can move along a pair of parallel rails that are supported by the building structure, so that the crane can serve a large rectangular area.

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Gantry Crane Registration and Inspection Requirements

What is a Gantry Crane?

A gantry crane has a similar mechanism as a bridge crane however is supported by uprights from the ground, usually with wheels at the foot of the uprights allowing the whole crane to traverse along the ground on rails. A Semi Gantry Crane can be a combination of a Gantry and Bridge crane having one carriage supported by the building while the other end is supported by legs on a rail on the ground.

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Inspection Requirements - Frequency and Checklist

Bridge and Gantry Crane Registration Requirements

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Bridge and gantry cranes do not require item (plant) registration, however they do require plant design registration under the following criteria:

  • Gantry cranes with a safe working load greater than 5 tonnes or bridge cranes with a safe working load of greater than 10 tonnes, and any gantry crane or bridge crane which is designed to handle molten metal or dangerous goods.

Registration of Plant Design

Under Schedule 5 of the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations 2022, Bridge and Gantry cranes which meet above mentioned criteria require plant design registration with WorkSafe.

To register plant design, you have to submit the Registration of or alteration to a plant design (WorkSafe) form, ensuring all necessary information and documents are included as required.

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Registration Requirements - Regulations and Checklist

Bridge and Gantry Crane Inspection Requirements and Frequency

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All items of plant subject to AS1418 shall have the following inspections in accordance with AS2550.3:

a) Annual 3rd party inspection

A program of periodic inspection shall be carried out. The frequency of periodic inspection shall be based on the working environment and the frequency and severity of use of the crane and in no circumstances shall the inspection interval exceed 12 months.

b) A major inspection

Cranes shall be subjected to a major inspection to assess their suitability for continued safe operation as follows:

(a) Unless assessed in accordance with Section 9 to determine when a major inspection is due, after two-thirds of the design life specified by the manufacturer or the original design Standard or, where this is unknown after 7 years of use.

(b) When an old crane is to be recommissioned and previous operating records do not exist or the Standard to which it was designed and built is unknown.

c) A structural inspection for equipment that has reached the end of its design life or where the design life is not known, or a Design Working Period (DWP) calculation determines. Following the major inspection, the equipment shall be made to comply with the current version of AS1418.

d) Design Working period calculations (DWP’s) are to be conducted periodically to determine whether the crane is being used in accordance with its designated Classes and then confirm when both (b) and (c) are due.

To assist when conducting inspections, the use of a data-logger system to measure the load spectrum as indicated in AS1418 while calculating the cranes Class. This system measures the working conditions of the crane and determines from that when the next major inspection should be conducted, this may be longer or shorter than the periods above which is determined by its use.

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Classified Plant Registration and Inspection Requirements List

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